Monday, June 16, 2008

New Managing Editor at the Southern

As the story says, Mark Fitton is the new managing editor at the Southern. I found this statement in the story interesting:
Fitton will serve as a member of the newspaper's Editorial Board, lead final newsroom production of the daily paper, ensure the Web site is supplied with fresh news throughout the night and assist in long-range operational, organizational and financial planning for the newsroom.

This infers more emphasis on updating the website 24/7. In today's world that's gotta be a good thing. Now if they'd just get rid of Ann Coulter....


Well, the Southern has more issues than just running Coulter editorials...the place has been a revolving door for employees for some time now. Does this mean that Karen Binder is out...again??
Not sure. Her last story for the paper that I found was late last May.
Karen Binder left the Southern at the end of May.

Steve Binder is still there.
What happened to Caleb Hale?
He's still there, as of Tuesday:
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