Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oppose the PMLA Act!

I know that I really don't post here anymore, but I hope Dave will forgive me-- this legislation will dramatically affect musicians locally, so I'm linking to my main writeup from here in the hopes that more folks will hear about this before the vote.

I'm not normally very political, and I know our tastes in music may differ, but I know that you also share a love of music ITSELF-- so be sure to read this. Thank you. --DaveX

Monday, March 23, 2009

There's a New Cab in Town

Maybe you've seen the green machines around town, or one of the flyers advertising its service. Must say, the cabs look good, and the flyer is well-written and effective -- except for the hideous font for the phrase "The Service You Deserve."

Click on the image to read the details. ... A good business model, I'd say.

Callahan notches 400; George, 19

I happened by Abe Martin Field yesterday and caught some of the action as Dan Callahan recorded his 400th career victory as Salukis beat N. Iowa Panthers, 4-3. Three more victories will bring Dan's record to 403-403-1.

Also in the game, Duquoin's Bryant George tied the school record for Saves, with 19. Only a Junior, BG will surely hold the rocord to himself, by the time he graduates.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

About ‘The Portal’ -

An email from SI online editor, Caleb Hale. yesterday called attention to The Southern's new blog, The Portal, which he calls
"a primer for all the topics, news stories, issues and other information from right here in Southern Illinois to the far corners of the world. TheSouthern.com keeps you abreast of breaking local news and gives you the access to find out what’s happening beyond our borders." -- About ‘The Portal’

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tax Receipts Down

Instead of being up about $100,000 over 2008, it looks like Carbondale's sales tax collection will run about $300,000 below projections. Not good, but certainly livable. Given the lousy economy, I guess we should be glad it's not much more than that.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

75 years in business

Yesterday, I had to check an order at Horstman Cleaners & Furriers, and spoke to John Kirk, whose family's owned the business landmark on the corner of University and Walnut since the mid-60s. He says Horstman's itself has been in business 75 years! Which MUST make it the oldest in town.

Anyway, Horstman's doesn't have much web presence, only 13 listings, but I uploaded a photo to its Yahoo listing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

blogging thru my teeth

A new comment to a post from last summer about local dental service reminds me that I've got 4 wisdom teeth ready for harvesting. Must make an appt with Dr. Michael Clay over in Murphysbury, whom I haven't seen since blogging the blue tooth.


Competition for Subway?

The vacant Hardee's building on 1201 West Main has been sold to BLP Development of Paducah, reports Blackwell Thomas, who got it from Kevin Baity

Another restaurant could put the space to good use ... give Subway some fresh competition for the lunch trade on that side of town. But who knows? BLP wouldn't say.

The FOR SALE sign is still in the window, though, (as of 15 minutes ago, when this photo was snapped) with a number to call: 889-9286.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

apparently transparent

Have you seen (thru) the new City of Carbondale website? In his "Dazettte" blog Scott T notes how Sunshine Review gives the site high marks in the government-transparency department. They call Carbondale “Transparency Capitol of The Entire State of Illinois.”

According to Mayor's press release, a key component to the site is Citizen Access, which Cole said he developed according to guidelines of Sunshine Review.

The DE sez the Arthur Agency got paid $15,915. One of the things a city site should have -- according to Sunshine Review guidelines -- is a checkbook register posted online.... I don't see it.

Another thing, I find no mention of the City's free wireless internet, but may be simple oversight (mine or the City's).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The View from Below

So far, the best thing to happen to me from Twitter is getting a great seat at the Wichita game last weekend, courtesy of Kelly Thomas, the SI Home Tours guy, who attended with his wife Trina, both sporting Saluki dawg ears.

Although we had great seats, I took a stroll around the floor to snap some pics from different angles, like <-- this one. Great game, too. SIU's 72-68 victory over Wichita assures them 5th place in MVC Tourney next weekend.

Meanwhile, today is the ground-breaking for Saluki Way -- at 2 p.m. ... Many details about the project are on the SIU Athletics web site, including video.

I'll try to be there and shoot some pics.

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