Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cool Carbondale Meeting with Mayor Cole

Got the email below from the local Sierra Club today:

Carbondale as a Cool City: Conversation with Mayor Brad Cole on local efforts toward reducing global warming pollution

Carbondale area residents are invited to participate in an open conversation with Mayor Brad Cole on Carbondale as a “Cool City” at the Unitarian Fellowship at 7:00 pm on Thursday February 7. The meeting is sponsored by the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship. The Fellowship is located at the corner of Sunset and Parrish, just south of Parrish Elementary School.

To date, 755 mayors throughout the country, including Mayor
Cole, and 25 counties, have signed the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement (MCPA). This agreement provides a framework for cities to implement the most cost effective and energy efficient actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their local government operations and throughout their communities. The "Cool Cities" program has been described as providing solutions to global warming, one city at a time.

Under the MCPA, each city develops a local action plan based on an inventory of energy use and waste data, and adopts an emissions reduction target. Implementing the recommendations may include improvements in energy efficiency in transportation (“green fleets”), buildings and water treatment, office machines, city lighting, renewable power, and waste management. Monitoring the results is an ongoing process that provides feedback for improvement over time.

To learn more about the status of this program within our city government, please plan to attend this meeting. Refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome.

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Brad Cole is the best Mayor this city has ever had. He is a skilled politician as well as a truly visionary community leader. All for, what? $6,000 a year?

What a bargain!

Compare that to the failed Jeff Doherty who retires collecting 6 figures.
Have to agree with you about Cole, with the proviso that the only two C'dale mayors I've had experience with were Dillard and Cole.
You mean Dullard? The fellow that presided over the building of the Taj Mahal for a City Hall? Who raised sales taxes to build the new high school that has the flavor of Columbine, leaving the old one to molder? But who never got around to building a decent police station? Who "processed" the decision making in the city until fatigue set in?

Thats the legacy that Cole is trying to unwind with vigorous leadership.

We've had failed city government in this town for eons. Until Cole.

Amazing how one man can make such a difference.
How precisely did Jeff Doherty fail?

And if you consider "visionary" criticizing your opponent for "playing with taxes" and then turning around and raising taxes for a state institution less than a month later, then I agree...he is truly a visionary.

(Who knew Brad would start reading the blogs himself. Must have stopped hanging out with the undergrads at Pinch.)
You guys are nuts. Cole is the biggest crook to ever run the city. He's half the reason the town is turning into the ghetto it has become. Wake up people. Dave was talking about changing the name of the town-perhaps Colehell would be a good name.
Somehow missed amidst the overblown praise and irrational hatred in these comments lies the point of the forum at the Unitarian Fellowship. That is, yes the climate change letter was signed by Mayor Cole, in May 2006. Now let's hear what is actually going on in our city. If there are concrete steps being taken to make us a greener community, let's hear them. If steps haven't been taken yet, let's suggest some and then follow up. This is the first time I've ever posted to this blog, and possibly will be the last, but the meanspiritedness and/or naivete of these comments really strikes me today.
I don't think anyone is talking about the meeting because...there isn't anything to talk about yet except that there is a meeting. I'm hopeful that something comes out of it despite not liking the Brad one iota. That said, his mailer to the Sierra Club during the election was six single sided pages sent to every member, so I'm not bubbling over with confidence.

That said, the only way your "middling" perspective will get heard is if you post it. What's the worst thing that can happen? Someone disagrees and calls you a poopie head? Eh...you can live through that. Keep posting.

You must stick together to fight the irrational hatred that is abroad! Keep posting your ideas that lie at the point of the Unitarian Forum. Let's not "like" Brad "one iota". He's on the boys side.

Only you can make a difference.
If you want a list of reasons why I don't like Brad, I'm happy enough to give them. You'll probably choose to bury your head in the sand, but they're all true starting with the blatant hypocrisy of his tax increase that was raised earlier in this thread.

Sure he gets things done...for some people. Most of the things he does for the community are at best symbolic gestures that do little to significantly improve the long term economic health of Carbondale.

That said, I'm not sure why you think she and I agree on much of anything. Because she called herself liberalchick? That'd be like me assuming you're black because you call yourself homie. Maybe you are, maybe you don't...but why should I assume its true?
I'll betcha that homie is an Arbor District homie
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