Friday, December 28, 2007

New Coach At SIUC

Well that was fast. It took only 15 days to hire Lennon after Coach Kill made his announcement. Makes me wonder if SIUC was expecting this and already had an offer ready for Lennon. It appears the announcement was made in ND last Tuesday (registration required). Looks like he'll get $200,000 a year to take over coaching duties. Meanwhile, Coach Kill is getting $340,000 to take over coaching duties at Northern Illinois. I found this bit from the Fox Valley Villages Sun interesting:

Kill was signed to a five-year, incentive-laden contract with an option for an extension after 24 months. Phillips wouldn't reveal details, but a published report in the Marion (Ill.) Daily Republican, citing a source close to Kill, said he would earn about $340,000 per season. That's up from the $175,000 he earned at Southern.

Kill said demanding more money from SIU would have hurt that school's athletic program.

If I've got this straight, Kill didn't want more than $175,000 because that would hurt the SIU athletic program but offering Lennon $25,000 more won't? Athletic payrollls are strange.


Supposedly Kill was offered $250,000 for a lifetime contract. I'd say that making him the highest paid coach in I-AA would be quite the generous offer. I'm not knocking the guy, he wanted to prove himself at the I-A level and SIU will probably never be at that level unless we get a lot more of a donor base. Still have to give Kill all the credit for saving SIU football from the scrap heap.

I think this is an outstanding hire and I wish Coach Lennon the best of luck.
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