Thursday, December 13, 2007

He goes!

Well, I guess this question got answered.


Mario won't be far behind now that he has a stadium to show what an awesome AD he is. The only person who was on board with that project that will ever see completion at the university is Poshard. Maybe.


Actually, I am all in favor of a new stadium. I think it would improve the appearance of the campus greatly. I just don't like the way the university has gone about securing funding.
I couldn't agree more, Scott. The stadium is not the problem, its the financing that is a question.

Incidentally, didn't Mocha come here with a reputation as a fundraiser? If so, why hasn't he been able to to raise funds from alumni for these projects?
Yep, that was his main responsibility at Mizzou. See here:
To anonymous:

I thank you for proving my point that SIU has people who want football gone. I would like to ask, what have you done for SIU lately?

Also, thank you for building the resolve of those who want to fight for this project. We will be fine. Our record in the battles is pretty good against you guys, after all.

I'm not losing much sleep until we get a Chancellor dumb enough to listen to you (Wendler was unrealistic but at least he wanted to move SIU forward.)
He is raising funds. He is the first AD to ask me for money. Now the university gets 3k to the general and 3k athletics per year. How sad is it that he is the first to ask?
I'm sorry, but actually asking people to donate is not "fundraising." Fundraising is getting enough money to pay for the football stadium, like nearly every other university in America. Instead, he helped strong arm a tax cut through.

You are correct, however, that it shows how terrible SIU has been on this front. The SIU Foundation in particular is terrible. For example, I gave last year and have yet to be asked to give again and I'm not even a graduate.

I'll be impressed by Mocha if he shows that he can raise enough money to finish the stadium project, though I'm skeptical that he'll be around for the ground to even get broken on that project. Meanwhile, classrooms and offices will continue to leak and we'll continue to raise fees on our students.
Gadfly, I don't disagree with your comments on fundraising, but we've had to come from such a dead stop on that area, that it will take a while to fundraise. At least we are doing a capital campaign now, but if we had been fundraising from the period from 1970 to 2000, you'd see a drastically different SIU today.

If it would have been up to me, I would have put band-aids on McAndrew for another 5-10 years and just did a new Arena for basketball with the entire $83 million, while putting more money into fixing leaking buildings, but some think I'm crazy for that. If any sport deserves a new building, it would be basketball that is the strongest and consistently draws the most fans.
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