Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Interesting takes on the Poshard Situation

It's still front page news in the DE today, plus an editorial, plus several letters on the letters page. In the Southern Illinoisan, nothing.

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Depressing that people are so willing to ignore the potentially unethical conduct by the President of the University, and are blaming the people who brought the allegations forward.

Not surprising that the two letter writers in support of Poshard are administrators, but still unfortunate.

And perhaps the most galling aspect of the situation is that Poshard is sending his dissertation to the School of Education for their 'review.' Poshard's 'solution' is to ask them to tell him how to change the dissertation to bring it up to the School's standards.

Leaving aside for a moment that such a procedure violates University policy on plagiarism cases, does anyone believe that the School of Ed. is going to treat Poshard with anything other than kid gloves? Is this supposed to be an unbiased solution? Talk about stacking the deck in your favor. It's a joke.
Well, the accuser has stepped forward. Former professor Joan Friedenberg, in a letter to the DE today, has admitted to confronting Poshard with the allegations months ago. This was no secret to anyone who had been paying attention.

Poshard's response was to call her a liar and an extortionist at the time.

So, it's Friedenberg's fault that the University has a black eye over this situation, I suppose?
Just like the freakin' government, instead of getting anything done, there's nothing going on except for a finger pointing, I'm right/you're wrong game....

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