Friday, August 31, 2007

Blatant Fundraising Plug

We've received a few geodesic dome toys at the store from the folks at Bucky's Dome that we're selling for them to help raise money for the Dome rehab. All the money from them goes to the Dome (except for the sales tax). So if you're looking for a $10 gift, consider a dome.

BTW, the Dymaxion Sundaes sold a couple of weeks ago at the Dome as fund raisers were Fuller's favorite dessert and consisted of orange sherbet topped with chocolate syrup. He ordered it often enough at Colletti's Restaurant, located where Key West is now, or so I've been told, that the management added it to the menu. If anyone reading this still has a Colletti's menu with the Dymaxion Sundae on it, the Bucky's Dome folks would sure like a copy for their collection.


If you set up an on-line store through eBay I bet you could sell a ton of these. I've got $20 burning a hole in my pocket for 2 of them, but no place to spend it!
Send me $20 plus $3 for shipping and I'll be glad to send you two. Paypal $23 to I'm not setting up an Ebay store because I've only got 4 of them.
Cool, now I only have two of them.
The dome kits arrived safely over the weekend and the kids and I will work on them tonight. Thanks for making these available and getting them to me so quickly. They are really cool.
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