Wednesday, March 4, 2009

apparently transparent

Have you seen (thru) the new City of Carbondale website? In his "Dazettte" blog Scott T notes how Sunshine Review gives the site high marks in the government-transparency department. They call Carbondale “Transparency Capitol of The Entire State of Illinois.”

According to Mayor's press release, a key component to the site is Citizen Access, which Cole said he developed according to guidelines of Sunshine Review.

The DE sez the Arthur Agency got paid $15,915. One of the things a city site should have -- according to Sunshine Review guidelines -- is a checkbook register posted online.... I don't see it.

Another thing, I find no mention of the City's free wireless internet, but may be simple oversight (mine or the City's).

$15k for a site based on Drupal... you've got to be joking!
I hope that part of 300,000 plus that goes to tourism paid for the site. Especially, since Carbondale's Tourism site sucks, and they don't do anything
I noticed the site was driven by Drupal, so $15k DOES seem like a lot, but the price probably includes the domain name "". ;-)

I'd be willing to pay (almost) that much (say 1%) to drupalize the ShawneeNet.Net site, which is currently is more stuck than even Carbondale Tourism.
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