Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not as nice as the Neighborhood Co-op, but still

Last night, I did some shopping at the new Aldi, now that it's moved from its former location (next to Dollar General) across 13 from where Kroger West used-to-be.

Items were arranged "more or less" where they used to be in the old store. Same quality products.

I was told that Aldi is the Walmart of Germany .... but the Aldifoods website tells a different story, of opening its first store in Iowa in 1976.

The one picture here is located where Ponderosa used to be, behind Long John Silver.
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Actually, that would most likely be the first Aldi store in the US... the Aldi company is actually much older, and originates in Germany.

According to Wikipedia, the United States is served (along with many other nations) by Aldi Süd-- other nations by Aldi Nord.

If anything, it might be BIGGER than Wal-Mart!
Depends on what criteria you're looking at. Wally World is the largest retailer in the world and the largest grocer in the US. Aldi could very well be the largest grocer in the world, though.
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