Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bye, bye, Bytelife

With Scott Thorne launching his own blog Carbondaze Gazette, and me in semi-retirement in Twitterville, and DaveX busy with his "Too Damn Early" radio show and Startling Moniker blog, and the absence of contributions by others, I'd say Bytelife's "daze" are numbered -- unless some eager beaver with a digital camera and curiosity about The Dale steps up to post some updates. Don't look at me . . . I'm out of town.

Scott's move transpired while I was traveling to Colorado, so I did not have time to speak to him in person about his decision, although I managed to a bus-bumped text message to the effect that I thought it was a mistake, and I suggested changing the name of this blog to whatever he wanted, and the rest of us stepping out, so the Bytelife blog would become his, and his alone.

So we'll see what happens. ...

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