Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sheila Simon on WSIU

Sheila Simon and her daughter, Brennan, were interviewed on WSIU yesterday prior to their leaving for the Obama inauguration. The interview was pretty straightforward except for one exchange that caught my attention. The interviewer, Jennifer Fuller, I think, asks Brennan, how Obama compares to other presidents she's known. there's a little back and forth between mother and daughter about how old she was during Clinton's presidency then Brennan responds the only thing she remembers about Bush was his mistakes. Fuller then responds, and I'm paraphrasing, that history would judge whethere they were good or bad and there are different sides to those issues. It wasn't a question, just a comment and the next question was on a different topic.

The two things that struck me were that
1. Would the comment have been made if Brennan was an adult?
2. What purpose did it serve? It wasn't a follow up question but a comment by the interviewer on a response to the interviewer's question.

No political bias there, more an adult-child bias, but it stood out to me becaue the Morning Coversations seldom have commentary by the interviewer on responses, except in the form of follow up questions

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"History will bear this out. And it may take 500 years, and you won't be here. And your boo-hoo crybaby MSNBC won't be here, but I will still be here, leading a band of survivors in a post-apocalyptic America where we battle against gangs of Osama-bin-single mothers... and I shall cackle, and cackle that you ever doubted George Bush."

--"Ann Coulter" on SNL Weekend Update
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