Saturday, January 24, 2009

Put up or shutup!

Here's your big opportunity, Mr. Anonymous-- the time slot from 2-4 a.m. Saturday mornings at WDBX-FM is now open. This is immediately prior to my own broadcast.

Now is your chance to play Jerry Lee Lewis to my Chuck Berry, and burn up the stage with your amazing knowledge of music, and effortless DJ skills!

I welcome you to try making me look like a complete hack; all you have to do is arrange for a little tryout with the station manager... I understand if you want to back out, so I made up some excuses you can use:

1) I'm sleeping in the Morris Library stacks at that time, and will be locked in.
2) Sorry, that's when the best infomercials are on.
3) My mom won't let me go out after the street lights come on.
4) I'll be raiding Valdemort with my WOW guild, while dressed as a dominatrix Ewok.

(But seriously, WDBX is open to ALL Southern Illinois residents and community members. If you're interested-- even a little-- come on in and talk to Brian!)

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