Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wall and Grand Center

Two more business are going into the Wall and Grand strip center at the corner of, well, Wall and Grand. Unless I miss my guess, Family BBQ will probably be selling BBQ, while, according to the sign in the window, the Hot Spot will offer hamburgers, cheeseburgers and gyros, among other fast foods. If Hot Spot is good, the heavy student population in that area should make it a success. Not so sure about Family BBQ, since you've got Southern Que less than a quarter mile away in the Grand Avenue Mall.

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I ate at Southern Que once, but I wasn't too impressed. Took like 15 minutes for them to slap some pulled pork on a bun and dip out some Bush's Baked Beans out of the crockpot. Pork sandwich was just average, maybe -- not even as good as what Dairy Queen would give you for a BBQ sandwich. It wasn't bad, but I expected better I guess. I'm hoping Family BBQ has a better grasp on things.
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