Monday, December 22, 2008


Mayor Cole may have spoken too soon about Walgreen's putting a second location on the west side at the old Mugsy McGuire's location. However, Walgreen's has not confirmed a second Carbondale location yet and I've heard secondhand that the company is none too happy with the mayor for his premature announcement.

Something similar happened back in 2004 when the mayor announced the purchase of the American Tap before the completion of the negotiations. The city eventually purchased the Tap property, appraised at $39,000, for $150,000. BTW, the Tap property still sits empty, without even a "For Sale" sign on it.

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THIS JUST IN: Walgreen's opens American Tap II!!

It's true the City purchased The Tap from HENRY FISHER for $150,000 although it was appriased at only $39,000. The Helen Westberg Park that the Mayor also mentioned in his speech? Guess what! That property is also owned by HENRY FISHER! I wonder how much of a premium that land will be purchased for? HENRY sure gets a good deal from our mayor.
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