Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seven Candidates

Looks like we've seven candidates running for the 3 city council positions open next term:

In order of ballot placement, shown below is the FINAL LIST of candidates who have filed for Carbondale City Council.

1. Kevin P. Clark, 1635 Logan Drive #6, Carbondale
2. Chris Wissmann, 1111 W. Walkup Avenue, Carbondale
3. Corene McDaniel, 516 E. Jackson, Carbondale
4. Joel Fritzler, 123 S. Violet Lane, Carbondale
5. Pawel Sawicki, 907 S. Taylor Drive, Carbondale
6. Justin Stofferahn, 905 Lentz Drive, 202 Kellogg Hall, Carbondale
7. Yolanda L. Dean, 410 Palm Street, Carbondale

Of the seven, Wissmann, McDaniel and Fritzler are known quantities, as they are serving currently. Clark has a good reputation as a local (gasp) " community organizer" and has been involved with several local not-for-profits. Sawicki and Stofferahn are much more nebulous. I understand both are students, Sawicki at JALC and Stofferahn at SIUC. Sawicki posted a campaign video on YouTube a month ago but has since pulled it down, while Stofferahn is a sports reporter for the DE. couldn't find anything on Yolanda Dean unless she is the Apostle Yolanda Dean (doubltful since the Apostle Yolanda Dean operates out of Texas).

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