Friday, December 5, 2008

Poshard and Plagiarism yet Again

It's the gift that keeps on giving. The new proposed plagiarism policy for SIUC is out now and the DE focuses on one particular part, the provision allowing the president's office to punish those who bring plagiarism charges deemed frivolous or malicious.

I find it amusing that this section follows one prohibiting retaliation against an individual who makes complaints or allegations of a violation of the plagiarism policy. Also, interestingly, the proposed policy ONLY applies to the Offices of the President and Chancellor. All other cases will be handled by the individual academic unit. You can read the entire 7 page draft here.

In a follow-up in today's DE, one of the principals in the plagiarism investigation, associate professor Gerald Nelms, commented that, under these guidelines, the allegations against President Poshard would have been considered worthy of investigation. However, Professor Nelms felt that his comments to the DE were taken out of context and he has written a very lengthy explanation of his reasoning in the article comments.

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