Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pawel Sawicki's Platform

Here're the reasons why Sawicki is running, at least according to the comments he posted in the Southern last Tuesday. The third person references remind me a bit of Bob Dole or Dr. Doom:

" After seeing all the problems going on in our fine nation, Pawel Sawicki has decided it is his time to fulfill his civil duties. He is entering his name into the race for Carbondale City Council.

My main running point is to have Carbondale go green. The direction our nation is heading is a disastrous one. We cannot go on using our natural resources at the current rate. The USA accounts for roughly 5% of the world's population but we use 20-40% of Earth's natural capital. What's going to happen when the rest of the world demands its fair share?

Big businesses would receive tax breaks for recycling. Corporate America has to set a good example for the rest of America. Would you believe that a company like Dlck's Sporting Good's does NOT recycle at all? All the paper used at that store, and trust me there is a lot, gets thrown into the garbage.

Everyone likes a good competition. Competition makes every participating party better. We need to implement the idea of: Carbondale vs Marion vs Murphysboro vs Carterveille. What are we doing as a city to attract businesses to Carbondale over the other three? Are we doing a good enough job?

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Sounds like an ultra-liberal nutjob to me.
Anonymous sounds like an ultra-lubed handjob.
I doubt those 4 towns are even playing the same sport, let alone competing. Marion seems to be on a "collect 'em all" kick for crummy restaurants, while Carbondale seems hell-bent on losing businesses on every corner. Murphysboro doesn't want at least ONE big business, but gets it anyway-- and of course, nothing much happens in Carterville.

BTW, I have it on good authority that "anonymous" is a cowardly asshat.
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