Saturday, December 27, 2008

More from Pawel Sawicki

Received the email below from Pawel Sawicki. His main campaign goals, according to his campaign flyer are 1) the "Green Business" logo and2) "Resident of the Year" ideas below, as well as 3) encouraging more student involvement in local government and 4) making it easiler for local businesses to recycle. Not bad ideas, and one way to see your ideas implemented is to run for office, but by themselves, not enough to base a campaign on.

If you're interested in contacting him abut his campaign or proposals, the email address is:

My main running point is to have Carbondale go green. The private sector isn't the one needing attention. Business in Carbondale rarely recycle and they amass far more waste than a homeowner.

Big businesses would receive incentives for recycling. Corporate America has to set a good example for the rest of America. Would you believe that a company like Dick's Sporting Good's does NOT recycle at all? All the paper used at that store, and trust me there is a lot, gets thrown into the garbage. There are many more big businesses that do not recycle because, "it's too expensive to do ourselves" quoting one business manager. The city should make it as easy as possible for these business to be environmentally friendly.

The city could develop a symbol that recognizes a business for being green. Once a business meets certain criteria for reducing their waste and recycling more they would become eligible to display a "Green Business" Logo. This idea is much like the energy star logo. After some time it would become a status icon. Business A and Business B have the logo, Why don't you Business C?

Another little idea would be to have a Resident of the Year award. Just something simple to raise civic pride. The person would get nominated then the council would meet and choose the winner.

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