Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lights Fantastic

Caught most of the Lights Fantastic parade last night, which looked very well attended, despite the chill temperatures and brisk breeze. The Square had people standing 6 deep on the west side, all of them very well bundled up, except for the one guy I saw running around in shorts. The hot chocolate tent had a line of 10-12 people most of the parade and the funnel cake wagon was packed as well. I didn't see many people getting pictures taken with Santa and the reindeer but most of that action may have taken place during the pre-parade activities. I was wondering if any kids were getting confused since we had one Santa with the reindeer and one on the float at the end of the parade

Teardown was pretty well organized as well. The parade ended about 7 and traffic was back to flowing normally by about 7:15 when I headed back to the store to thaw my nose and ears out. Kudos to the city for that.

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There used to be a rule that no other Santas could be around during the parade for exactly this reason. I hope the parade organizers take note and make this Santa go inside until Santa in the parade is gone.

Very few pictures as the providers of the reindeer don't want a nominal fee of $3-5 and one can't use their own camera. While the Reindeer and Santa and sleigh are beautiful, the folks behind the scenes with this exhibit were rude, not nice and overly expensive for a silly little digital printed on a pinrter picture.
I didn't see The Door's bleeding Jesus float this year...was it there?
The Doors had a float? Was Jefferson Airplane also well-represented? LOL
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