Friday, December 26, 2008

Cross Board Religious Affiliations

Since he's the executive director of the Southern Illinois Tourism Development Office, it makes sense for Jon Musgrave to be selected as one of the interim members of the transitional board of directors for Bald Knob Cross. Not sure why it was necessary to mention his church affiliation as well:

Members of the transitional board are the Rev. Mark Roath, pastor of Anna Heights Baptist Church in Anna; Dr. Ralph Brandon, senior pastor of Covenant Christian Fellowship in Carterville; the Rev. Gerald Wright, senior pastor of Spirit of Life Christian Church in Du Quoin; the Rev. Steven M. McKeown, senior pastor of Christian Life Center in Herrin; the Rev. Doug Cherry, senior pastor of Victory Christian Center of Southern Illinois in Carbondale; Jon Musgrave, executive director of the Southern Illinois Tourism Development Office and member of Second Baptist Church in Marion; and Bradley Rogers of Buncombe, president of the Christian Motorcycle Association.

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My church affiliation was listed because part of the settlement agreement encourages a diverse board of directors.

In order to keep power on the board from being concentrated in any one group the agreement signed by the judge basically stipulates that no more than one person from any church or religious group can serve on transition board at a time.

Thanks for your interest in the site. Hopefully we will be able to move forward on its restoration and development.
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