Friday, December 12, 2008


It's that time of year again. Time for cookie walks. The churches have wised up this year or at least two of them have. The First Christian Church (Gee, I didn't think any organization used geocities anymore) at Monroe and University is having their's tomorrow from 9 to noon, then St. Francis Xavier hosts their's NEXT weekend from 9 until noon as well. You see the cunning plan, don't you? The FCC sucks you in: "Why bother baking? Get your Christmas cookes for the home and office parties here." But what happens to those delicious cookies next week? They all get eaten, that's what. Then St. Francis comes along, a week later, with plenty more cookies to add to your holiday parties (and wasitline). In past years, wehn they had the cookie walks on the same weekend, there wasn't the opportinity to hit the cookie buyer with that one-two punch, but now.....

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