Friday, November 21, 2008

Hat In the Ring

As was mentioned in the comments, 2007 C'dale mayoral candidate Jessica Davis has submitted a letter of interest to Gov. Blago in the Senate seat left open by President-elect Barack Obama's resignation. I'm doubtful she has the connections at the state level to secure the position but her press release does indicate plans, if not appointed to the seat, to run for it in 2010. it would be cool if she got the position since, with the exception of Sen. Durbin, every other state leader hails from Chicago or its suburbs. Really unlikely, but cool.

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Without putting too fine a point on it, the Rev. Dr. Jessica Davis is some sort of a lunatic. She's working in New Brunswick, NJ, she claims a residence in Carbondale and she avers that she has a "public relations" business in Chicago. When she ran for mayor in Carbondale she annoyed people with weird robocalls, a 30 point plan for fixing the city, etc. She got, what, 30 votes?
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