Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ponderosa Razing

The closed Ponderosa building next to Dick's Sporting Goods is being razed to make way for the relocation of Aldi's from the west side of town. From what I've been told, the Ponderosa, much like Hollywood Video on the west side, didn't close because it wasn't profitable but because the new lease asked for by the landlord was signficantly higher than either company's business plan would support. Seems rather shortsighted to me as I havne't seen any new businesses jumping in to snap up the Hollywood location, though negotaitions may be going on of which I am unaware.

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This is also the case for why the Kroger west closed and CVS wants to move. Most of the closings in Carbondale have happened due to lease issues or the over all bad economy (businesses going bankrupt and closing stores). As a whole the Carbondale economy hasn't been this good or dynamic since the 1970's. Unfortunately, the sour economy has cancelled or delayed many unannounced projects and businesses coming to the city. Yet I feel the city has great potential and it feels like others are also recognizing this potential. I believe this city has good overall economics and will continue to grow inspite of the recent financial turmoil.
Good Info. Keep it local, trade using private currency.
Ponderosa will always be near and dear to my heart.

You're heading off to the big buffet in heaven!

Sleep well, sweet price of sirloins.
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