Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Haunted Carbondale

Faner Hall has had several sightings, mainly during the '90s, of a female student in striped top and jeans, carrying a backpack and hurrying briskly down a hall or into the women's restroom. The sightings I'm aware of took place in the evening and were reported by janitorial staff. The stories were genrally the same. They staffers were cleaning and the girl walked quickly past them but when they turned to look at her, she had vanished.

In one store, the staffer was cleaning one of the women's restroons. A girl came through the door of the restroom, walked past the staffer into one of the stalls. The door didn't close and the staffer didn't hear any sounds coming from inside. After several munites passed and the rest of the room was cleaned, the cleaner knocked on the unlatched stall door. The door slowly swung wide open revealing an empty stall.

Supppoosedly the girl killed herslef in Faner over a romance gone bad, but as with similar stories from other SIUC buildings, there's no evidences any deaths have ever happened in the building.

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