Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Display Problems Again.

I haven't seen the display referenced to in this letter, have to get over there tonight and take a look at it. However, I find it very interesting that the administration approved a display of what the letter writer describes as "graphic, bloody pictures"while ordering the removal last summer of a banner that showed partially bared buttocks, with the order rescinded only after the artist agreed to drape said offending buttocks.

Update: I was just told that there has been at least one protester out by the display this afternoon holding up a sign with Chancellor Goldman's phone # and email address. Apparently enough people called that the Chancellor's office stopped taking calls at that number around 2 p.m.

Update 2: This gets better and better. It appears this was not a display created by a campus RSO but rather one created by an anti-abortion group invited to campus by the College Republicans. However, the two students that signed the request in the name of the College Republicans were members of a splinter group that had broke off from the offical group. The university has not yet sanctioned their group as an official RSO and the two students that signed for it had no official standing to do so.

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