Monday, September 15, 2008

We Made News of the Weird

Found the following in the current News of the Weird:

* Illinois requires all state employees to pass an annual 10-
question, multiple-choice "ethics" test (whose format lends itself to
simplistic answers that, for instance, most college students might
handle easily). In January, state ethics officials declined to accept
the passing grades of 65 Southern Illinois University professors
because they finished "too quickly." Asserted a reviewing state
official, anyone who failed to spend at least 10 minutes on the test
was being unreasonable. [Inside Higher Education, 1-23-08, 5-5-

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Maybe it will help demonstrate the stupidity of that test. Really, you're too ethical because you have enough common sense to answer the questions without studying...go back and do it again! And pretend like you read the stuff this time. (See...pretend...ethics test...good stuff there.)
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