Friday, September 26, 2008

Sounds Like Fired to Me

The DE has more on the Simon affair. Chancellor Goldman say taht Prof. Simon was never relaly fired:

"He was never fired," Goldman said. "You know the line, 'Until the fat lady sings, nothing happens.' Well, until I render a decision, nothing matters really. Then that decision stands."

However, this statement by interim Provost Don Rice sounds pretty clear to me:

In the letter, Rice wrote, "As Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor, I am responsible for making assessments that affect the University as a whole. I understand and accept that you will be disappointed by my decision and, of course, I regret having to communicate the outcome of my review to you. However, please know that I wish you well in your future endeavors."

According to the article, if SIUC's faculty union had not filed a grievance on Prof. Simon's firing within 10 days, Provost Rice's decision would have been final. The references to offers and counteroffers made at the June 10th hearing sure don't sound like "working through a good, amiicable resolution", nor does it indicate there was "no question Simon would continue teaching on campus".

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