Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Conflict

For the first time since the C'dale Pig Out started, it's not on the same weekend as the Murphysboro Apple Festival. Be interesting to see how that affect attendance, since Carbondale Main Street's take on the matter was always that the two events complemented each other rather than conflicted. People would take their families to the Apple Festival during the day, then come to the Pig Out in the evening, I was told. that argument never made much sense to me. If you've spent the day at one festival, you're not likely to go out to another one that evening. We'll see what attendance is like next weekend.

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Unfortunately, Pig Out is conflicting with M'boro's BBQ competition. That being said...

My question of those who traditionally go to the Pig Out decided to go to the Apple Festival this year? My guess not to many. I didn't go. Apple Festival is just not my thing.
Let's see....should I go to the Pig Out or Murphysboro's BBQ competition...I'm a towny, but I'm going to be heading to Murphy this weekend...better food, and not as cramped or crowded.
That's the problem with competing with a bigger BBQ contest. The Pig Out was created to attract people to downtown Carbondale more so than creating a high end BBQ contest. It gives the backyard BBQ teams a chance to compete. Although in past years some pretty high powered teams have competed during the Pig Out.
Regardless of the reason why the Pig Out was scheduled on the wrong weekend and organizers chose poorly and did not reschedule.
For them hind sight is 20/20, I hope their vision improves before next year.
By the way I am a towny as well "Low key", you do not hold the market on that distinction.
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