Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More on Simon Affair

Much like Sarah Palin, more information keeps coming to light regarding the sexual harassment charges against John Simon. Today's DE has a full page story including including disputes between SIUC and the Grant Association over ownership of documents, allegations of inappropriate behivious by Dean of Library Affairs David Carlson and forgery:

The association's attorney, James Williams, wrote to Carlson April 9, raising concerns that someone had forged Simon's signature on payment documents from the association.

"We expect your prompt attention to this matter because someone is signing Dr. Simon's name without his authority," the attorney wrote.

In an April 14 response, Carlson said he asked two association employees if they forged Simon's signature. Both said no, and one indicated that she had watched Simon sign the documents in question.

Harriet Simon said her late husband denied signing the documents. She said he was not satisfied with Carlson's investigation into the matter.

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