Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Missed This Bit

I missed this brief bit in the DE article on the Simon mess. Makes me wonder what sort of vision Dean Carlson had for the Grant Association and the archives:

Association members first voted to seek a new university to house the Grant works at a May 2 meeting in St. Louis, according to a letter from Williams to Carlson. Williams, who is also chief justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court, wrote that Carlson's proposal to create a vision for the future of the project was unrealistic.

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As Goldman runs on about respecting people privacy, SIU took some Simon accusers to the Grant meeting? What the heck is that about? I going to guess that Simon's estate will take a piece of SIU for this.

Clearly, these women aren't very traumatized about what happened. Just happy to punish an old man for telling a couple of dirty jokes. The whole thing is sad.
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