Monday, September 22, 2008

Lance Jack's Burger Bar

Doubt that's the name but catchy isn't it. Anyway, I heard over the weekend that his new place is opening at 701 S. Illinois Ave in the spot occupied for years by Carmen's China House and for months by Adelita's Restaurant. I noticed a banner in front of the building during the Pig Out reading "Hungry? Opening Soon." When I asked about it, I was told it's Jack's new place.

Will it last? Parking is darned inconvenient and you've got lousy visibility coming out of the alley onto S. Illinois. However, Carmen's did well there for twenty years, so it can support a restaurant. Success really depends on if the burgers are good enough to draw traffic to the area and if he stays open late enough to take advantage of the evening bar traffic. Since Rally's/ Zipp's closed many moons ago, there're no places specializing in either good or fast burgers in downtown.

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Having eaten several thousand burgers in my life, I would welcome a good burger joint on the strip.

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