Saturday, September 6, 2008

9-11 Events

Not only did every candidate in the recent conventions ritually bring up 9-11 to justify ongoing war and repression, the Republicans actually showed a video designed to elicit raw emotions of fear and anger. (And, even more bizarrely, tie in Iran to 9-11! That's a first, as far as I know.)

Now, more than ever, people need to arm themselves with a questioning attitude and a disrespect for official propaganda.

Thursday, Sept. 11th, the Muddy Independent Media Center at 214 N. Washington, will show 9-11 truth videos from noon to 9pm, interspersed, no doubt, with rousing discussions. On Friday, Sept 12th, at 7pm, the usual time for videos, Muddy Media will show "Improbable Collapse", followed by a discussion.

Congratulations to the Big Muddy IMC for showing these films. The only thing the right -wing has going for it now is fear, and more fear and more fear.
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