Monday, August 25, 2008


Who's the greatest 20th century composer? If you answered John Cage, you're absolutely right.

The good people at the OgreOgress label have provided me with a single-use, one-time only copy of a previously unrecorded Cage work-- and my listeners get to hear it first!

The world premiere broadcast of John Cage's "Twenty-Six with Twenty-Eight & Twenty-Nine" [Eighty-Three] (1991) will air this Saturday, August 30 from 4-6:30 a.m., on WDBX 91.1 FM.

Don't miss it, seriously!

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Hi, Dave. The administration has been challenged FOR YEARS, culminating with an ACLU forum on the code last year. Lenny Gross (SIU Law professor, ACLU president) and I published "Can the Code: It's Not About Sex" with material showing that SIU rejected two high-level commissions recommending changes to the code.

The U.S. Office for Civil Rights (Dept of ED)has come out and stated the colleges are running wild and throwing everything under the "harassment" cover:

Daphne Patai mentions SIU as a bad apple in her 1998 book sexual harassment run amuck (_Heterophobia). Believe me, the Meyers and Simon cases are just two of many that never make the news.

As President of the Illinois Association of Scholars, an affiliate of the National Assn. of Scholars, I refer your readers to this common-sense place to begin with reform (feel free to distribute to other area blogs):

Jonathan Bean
Professor of a certain midwestern university located in downstate Illinois
Methinks you aimed your comment at the wrong post as I'm not sure what the harassment code has to do with a composition from the "greatest composer of the 20th century", thought I'd go for George Gershwin instead of Cage myself.
Oops. Mea culpa, mea culpa. Enjoy your music. Carry on . . .
I figured something had to be amiss-- but Gershwin? Really?!
I'm actually more of a Phillip Glass fan...
Not much of an experimental music fan. I prefer the tried and true.
Low Key-- You'll have a little Glass this weekend, then. I'm currently loving on "Metamorphosis," so that's a front-runner choice. (Or Polaris)

Scott-- So what you're saying is that down the line, when the original ideas have been chewed on by hundreds of people, and made into a bland pulp able to be sucked through a straw, that you'd be ready to hear them? LOL
Yep, but I'd put it more positively. How about I prefer music that has stood the test of time?
I've got some 60-year-old Stockhausen you might enjoy... how old do you want your experimental music? LOL
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