Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well, Ain't That Convenient

Apparently the chancellor was about to reinstate John Simon, when the professor threw a spanner into the works by dying. Of course, this announcement does come out over a month after Dr. Simon's death. I found this quote about the allegations interesting:

"Some people went public when they shouldn't have. It's kind of holier-than-thou - 'the world has a right to know.' No they don't. Not on situations like that," Goldman said.

One of the best known men at SIUC, a nationally known scholar, is accused of sexual harassment after a 40 year tenure at SIUC and ordered to stay off campus and Chancellor Goldman expected it to stay quiet?

Here's a nice tribute to Prof. Simon by a former student. Too bad no one every writes these things until after you pass away.

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Your point about Goldman is excellent. The administrators at SIU in recent years have tended to be quite incompetent -- and that includes Poshard. I was a supporter of Poshard when he was a congressman, and I voted for him for governor. However, he has been generally incompetent as SIU president. I might add that his plagiarism has to be considered a mjor issue since he is a university president. If he were still a congressman and those plagiarism charges had been rev vealed I would say "Who really cares all that much?" However, plagiarism is a very important (and relevant) allegation when it involves the president of a major university.
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