Sunday, August 17, 2008

Welcome Fest

I was there Friday night and saw about 500-600 students turn out for the event, which I think is about 25% of the estimated incoming class. I'm not sure who the first speaker was but he worked hard getting the students to chant SIU, SIU. Acting Chancellor Samuel Goldman spoke next and he was followed by Carbondale Main Street executive director Meghan Cole. Rather surprised there wasn't any more representation from the community as no one from city government showed, nor anyone representing the greater business community. The Chamber of Commerce had a table next to Main Street but no-one showed to man it, so the Main Street reps put the Chamber materials out for students to take. The event was supposed to run until 9 but students and their families had grabbed up all the good freebies by about 8:30 and at least a third of the table were empty by 8:45 as Dominos' reps wandered around trying to give away pizza to people.


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