Saturday, August 2, 2008

Varsity News

Here's the latest email from the Stage Company soliciting help at the Varsity:

Dear Everyone,

Been busy much? Us too. The plumbers, electricians, salvage haulers, etc., have been plying their trades at the Varsity Center for the Arts. Among our many volunteers, the cleaners and sorters and tally-ers are still cleaning and sorting and tallying, while the builders are still building.

General work hours are still Wednesdays and Saturday mornings from 9-11, and the builders’ hours are Tuesdays-Thursdays-and-Saturdays from 9-3. (If you just want to drop by for a look around, Weds & Sats are your best bet. Because unlike everyone else, I am always glad to stop working and talk.)

We’ve uncovered most of the terrazo in the restrooms, and might be able to reclaim most of it. Sweet!

What you can’t help but notice in the east theater this week if you should drop by: the floor of the (nonsloping) scene shop has been framed out by our volunteer carpenters, including Bill Crain, Stuart Saken, Lee Brackett, and Loren Cocking. A thirty foot firewall goes up between it and the seats, and the stage goes in front of that. (Audiences won’t ever see or give the scene shop a thought, but we’ll all know it’s there.)

What to do this weekend because it’s too hot to be outside anyway: Go see the musical “Little Women” at McLeod. It’s how to cap a Carbondale summer.

Cathy Field


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