Thursday, August 21, 2008

Interesting View of Growth

According to this Southern article, SIUC has about 700 more staffers than it did 10 years ago, while having 1200 fewer students. Roughly, for every two students the university has lost, it's added one (apparently full-time)

This quote (taken out of context of course because it makes it sound worse) is especially good:

“Obviously the university is growing, so it would make sense that employment would grow with it,” said Kathy Blackwell, director of human resources at SIUC.

It looks like most of those new positions are at the Springfield School of Medicine which is showing much more rapid growth than the university as a whole.


Don't forget, some of those new staffers could be for soft money research positions. The research money has gone up some.

Who am I kidding? I bet most are just flunkies, to keep administrators from doing any real work.

SIU is so frustrating!
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