Sunday, August 24, 2008

Einstein Bros. to C'dale?

According to this article, the Einsten Bros bagels chain is looking to open up a store in C'dale with 3-4 more to follow in the region if the first one does well. However, the company is a franchise operation which means it won't be investing any of its hard earned capital in the Carbondale region. Instead, the company is looking for people willing to accept its requirements (mainly financial) and letting them open the stores. The major requirements are:

1. $1 million in net worth with $400,000 in liquid assets
2. $35,000 franchise fee per store
3. initial investment of approximately $500,000-$900,000
4. royalty fee of 5% of GROSS sales
5. advertising fee of up to 5% of GROSS sales
and 6. past experience in the restaurant industry (doesn't say if working as a counter person at McDonald's counts)

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That's funny-- I'm also looking for someone to invest half a million bucks in me. No restaurant experience necessary!
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