Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Carbondale vs. Marion

Was scrolling through the comments section on this article and found this interesting comparison between the Carbondale and Marion city governments:

Carbondale... ONE Tif District...
Marion... TEN... That's TEN TIMES THE TAX DOLLARS being DIVERTED AWAY from the Taxing Bodies... AND YOU CHicken (and the rest of us...) MAKE UP THAT DIFFERENCE!

Carbondale... ONE Open Meetings Violation... THEIR Council contacts AG's office, who responds with Training and a STERN warning.

Marion... 1,159 violations (Y A W N) and still counting.


These towns are like Goofus and Gallant, for real--

CARBONDALE: Modest claims, i.e., "Capital of Southern Illinois"

MARION: Outrageous unsupported claims worthy of psychiatric review, i.e., "Hub of the Universe"

CARBONDALE: Opie accessorizes with a bike and helmet.

MARION: Emperor Palpatine looks chic in a black cape aboard the Death Star.

CARBONDALE: WDBX-FM, Community Radio for Southern Illinois

MARION: WAWJ-FM, American Family Radio
I like this one, very interesting comparison. Keep up the good work.
Marion has zero building codes -- seriously, you build whatever, however you want.

Carbondale has (I don't know the exact number) building codes -- even regulating landscaping.
Yeah, Carbondale has codes. Too bad our Mayor won't keep his campaign promise to enforce those codes.
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