Monday, August 4, 2008

Attention, bored Southern Illinois residents

The Sunset Concerts are over, and let's face it-- nothing is happening. If you think you can spare a moment of your intensely interesting lives, I'd like to encourage you to turn your abused little ears to the good sound of your radio.

Dan Godson and Eric Glick Rieman will be performing live August 9th on WDBX 91.1 FM, as guests of "It's Too Damn Early," the flagship experimental music program in Southern Illinois.

The Godston/Glick Rieman Duo explores collaborations with non - human animals ( in this case, snails.) Eric Glick Rieman is co-composer of this set of graphic scores, collaborating with a trio of snails of the species commonly found wild in California gardens and originally introduced by nostalgic French immigrants for meat. With an emphasis on the space between musical events, the Godston/Glick Rieman Duo rides a wave of intensity and extended technique. The duo represents an intersection between the Avant Garde traditions of Post-Jazz (think Anthony Braxton or Roscoe Mitchell) and the heavily art influenced American Experimentalist tradition of John Cage, Morton Feldman, and Pauline Oliveros.

Daniel Godston is a Chicago trumpeter who also plays "small instruments." Unexpected oddiments of tonal flavor emerge from these found objects and create a scintillating landscape of noise.

Eric Glick Rieman is known for his manipulations of the Rhodes electric piano, and he will be performing on a deconstructed/reconstructed instrument. Using rocks, marbles, and other non-traditional means of triggering sounds ( as well as the keyboard), his instrument becomes an access point into an edgy world of experimentation. Glick Rieman has previously worked with Fred Frith, Lesli Dalaba, Stuart Dempster, and Carla Kihlstedt, and performed the work of Phil Minton, Olivia Block, Meredith Monk, and Terry Riley as a member of the Mills College Contemporary Performance Ensemble.

"It's Too Damn Early" is broadcast from 4-6:30 AM each Saturday morning, with liveblogged commentary at:

Sounds like a LOAD of crap to me.
Golly, it's too bad you're anonymously posting, or you could tell the other pee-soaked hobos how you took a volunteer DJ down a peg.

Better luck next time!
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