Thursday, July 3, 2008

Warehouse Shoes

Doesn't look as if West Freeman is a very inhospitable place for retail right now. I see a For Lease sign in the Warehouse Shoes storefront at 206 West Freeman.


First 'Shoe Gallery', now this place.
That makes me 2 and 0 in the last 13 years.
I win! I win!

The real question is why Taffy keeps convincing these folks another shoe store is just the thing to open in his spaces.
I don't think my dad is doing any particular "convincing."

Instead of celebrating the demise of an independent downtown merchant, perhaps you should think about how the loss translates to more business for Shoe Carnival, et al.

A density of thriving merchants in any area helps them all, as customers are more likely to shop in an area where they can easily go to the next store, if they don't find what they like in the first.
It isn't like either shoe store was well managed. Both seemed to be hobby businesses, with no one special running them. Wasn't the latest funded by Troy Hudson, the NBA player, for his mother?

As far as the other closing in that shopping center, the management of Ragwear when through some changes for the worse. Kind of lost their way since then. Lose the driving force in the business, and it is hard to keep it profitable.

Isn't it amazing that a shopping center that has the highest traffic restaurant in Carbondale, still can't make bad business owners successful? Reasonable business people have made a fine living off the Quatro's advertising audience, but bad ones just don't last. You can tell who is good, bad and average, just walking in the door. For example, the book store and its assorted owners.
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