Friday, July 25, 2008

Varsity Update

Email from Cathy field:

Dear Everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the good publicity we’ve been getting for the Varsity Center for the Arts. Didn’t you think Jack Langowski—chair of the VCA development board—looked especially dashing on the front page of the Southern Illinoisan today?

Jack mentioned this briefly at the public meeting last night, and it’s not news to most members of the Stage Company and Carbondale Community Arts, but here’s a complete list of the VCA development board members. These are the people who have volunteered their time to guide the development and direction of this important community asset, and we are all very grateful for their efforts:

Armen Asaturian
Mayor Brad Cole
David Coracy
Catherine Field
William C. Hinde
P. Michael Kimmel, Esq.
Dr. John F. Langowski, Jr.
Dr. Peter J. Pirmann
President Glen W. Poshard
Jo Poshard
Dr. Marsha Ryan
Stephen Schauwecker

Dr. Blanche Carlton Sloan

At the Varsity this week, we’re continuing to find areas where a little “light demolition” (Jack’s phrase) is needed. We’re scraping epoxy paint off masonry walls (a zen-like experience once you’re an adept) and chipping linoleum off the terrazzo flooring (not so much). Also, Mike Hanes has folks sorting movie posters and diagramming/inventorying all those hundreds of lightbulbs in the marquee, ultimately to be replaced with newer digital ones.

The builders have been framing out the dressing rooms at the northwest end of the building. General work hours continue to be 9-11 Wednesday & Saturday mornings, and the builders continue to keep to their Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday 9-3 schedule.

You may have seen the salvage workers haul away the old dead boiler from the basement this week, making more space available. Space is good.

Many people have inquired about opportunities to paint, of which there should be plenty. Once the drywallers have been in to mud & tape, we will be needing painters. Most definitely!

Cathy Field


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