Sunday, July 6, 2008

This just in--

Pagliai’s is still frakkin' delicious. Pizza is a pretty big deal in my life, and I'm always happy to go out for a slice or three-- hadn't been to Pag's for a while, mostly on account of my extreme happiness with Marcello's Pizza in Chester.

Anyways, my little group ordered a lovely extra-cheese and garlic on the thick 'n crispy... along with a vegetarian special on the chewy thick crust. Great food, nice big drinks, and naturally saved gas by not driving to Chester.

Marcello's still gets my vote for best pizza in Southern Illinois, though-- yummy garlic butter with fresh spinach on a veggie pie sets 'em over the top in my opinion.

So let's talk pizza, 'cause I'm sorta bored with everything in Carbondale closing, etc. Feel free to leave vehement comments about your favorite Southern Illinois pizza (current, historical, whatever) and where to get it. Call out a favorite waitress! Gripe about the bathroom-- it's all game.

(And yes, that's Pizza Head above. Remember him?)

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