Tuesday, July 29, 2008

IDOT to Harrisburg

Couple of stories on this in both The Southern and the DE. What I found esp. interesting by the comment from a regular poster on the DE's website. If true, it adds more reasons for Gov. Blago's insistence on transferring the IDOT jobs out of Springfield to Harrisburg, besides wanting to support Sen. Forby, who has supported the Gov. in the legislature:

Of course there is a political spin on it to make it look like the governor wants to help out southern Illinois, but not a single word about the building that the current IDOT is in is owned by a friend/business partner of the governor and that he is trying to get out of that overpriced real estate deal so he doesn't get caught in yet another pay to play scam.

I admit I find it hypocritical of the governor that he's willing to force 116 employees to either disrupt their home lives and move to Harrisburg or give up their jobs, while he stays in Chicago rather than moving to Springfield so as not to disrupt his own family's life.


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