Monday, July 7, 2008

Horizon Inn Demolishment Order

If you want to stay at the Horizon Inn, better do so quickly as the order to repair or demolish it takes effect at the close of business this Wed. The order was issued last May 12 and, according to this story from the Southern, the roof is collapsing in some places, mold is covering the walls of some rooms, and there's fungus growing from the carpet of others. I've gotten copes of the pictures taken at the time of the inspection and boy does the place look bad: Broken windows, holes in walls, flooded rooms, doors falling off hinges, ceilings collapsing.

The owner is a company called Carbondale Hospitality LLC out of Morris Plains NJ but no indication of how many other holdings, if any, the company has in the C'dale area.

Incidentally, according to another Southern article, the Tuscan Lodge was issued a repair or demolish order at the same time.

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Posting those photos would be nice.
Yeah, but they're a stack of black and white photocopies and my computer skills are not good enough for me to want to deal with photos.
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