Thursday, July 24, 2008

Git Sum Update

In response to Davex' s request (plus I like Indian food), I stopped off at Git Sum yesterday afternoon. Had to ask what the hours are (11-8) as they weren't posted anywhere I saw. The menu is limited to about half a dozen entrees, including currys and marsalas, and drinks. Price is $4.99 for a good sized meal, including rice, and everything is packaged to go. Service was fast, I got my food in under 5 minutes. There's no place to sit unless you want to walk over to Friendship Park next door. You do have to get out of the car and walk up to order, as they've sealed shut the drive up window. They do have their menu on the drive up menu board, with a lot more stuff on it than is on the menu by the ordering window, you just can't order from it.

It looks as if word has gotten around about the place as I saw another group going up to the order window as I was leaving.


Sounds good, maybe I'll swing by today. I've been hoping such a place would spring up for a long time-- if they have decent food for vegetarians (and Indian places usually do) I'll be really happy.
I hear this place is really good if you like Indian food. I hear the chicken is GREAT!
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