Sunday, July 20, 2008

Git Sum Indian Restaurant

I see this has opened with out much fanfare in the old Rally's/Sambucca Joe's location on South Illinois across from 710 Bookstore. The banner that was hanging on the side of the building indicates some connection with the Indian restaurant located inside the Horizon Inn. Hope it manages to hang on longer than Glassy Junction did.

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Save me a little gas for checking it out-- what exactly is this restaurant? Is it fast food, Indian style, or what? What sort of hours do they have?
I don't know, but this sounds like a nasty joint to me. I'll give it 4 months tops.
I'll swing by there and take a look tomorrow. I assume Indian fast food, since there's only outside dining.
does anyone has number for the restaurant
Not sure if they have a phone. From what I have heard, the food is actually prepared off site, maybe at the Horizon Inn but I'm just guessin', brought in and kept warm in slow cookers.
I've eaten at Git Sum a few times, and it is quite good. It is Indian Food. Entrees includes chicken tikki masala, chicken curry, and lamb curry. Vegetarian entrees include kofta, dal makhni, chana masala, matar paneer, spinach and potatoes. They also have veggie (potato and pea) samosas and naan bread. Their phone number is 457-6666
Maybe the ambiance leaves something to be desired, but their Indian food is awesome. Way better than Glass Junction's BLAND Indian food!
Although I am not a native Indian, I travel regularly to India. The food is very authentic, and you can get it from litte spice to "Indian Hot." Try the tomato soup if you are into that kind of thing.

Ate there for the first time tonight... I just think that the sambucca joe's location is bad... Had two veggie samosas for 2 bucks... delicious
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