Monday, July 21, 2008

Carbondale/Jackson County Income

I was doing some research on Carbondale and found the Census Bureau doesn't think Carbondale deserved to get counted as a single city, or else the city is so large that it dominates the rest of Jackson County. Anyhow, the only quick stats available are for Jackson County, including Murphysboro, as a whole. Populations dropped about 3% since 2000 and non-farm employment has dropped about 3% as well.

The thing I was intersted in was median income. Jackson County's in 2004 was $27.700 for a family of 4, while Illinois' was $47,700, reflecting the impact of the Second City on the state. Jackson County's median income is waaaay below the national median of $47,800, with about 20% of residents living below the national poverty line.

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And yet I've met numerous otherwise intelligent people in Southern Illinois who really believe that Jackson County taxes support Chicago!
See the census bureau's AMerican Factfinder at

You'll find all the info you need on cities (and counties, if interested).
True. It's older data though, from the 2000 census. More recent data from 2004-2006, I couldn't find, except by county. City data was available in some cases but we weren't one of those cases.
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