Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BMX Track

Got curious about the abandoned BMX track behind Evergreen Terrace so asked the Park Board about it Several years ago, some community members interested in having a BMX track in Carbondale approached the board about building one. They raised money for it and built it, with the Park Board agreeing, by contract, to provide the land and maintain it.

Shortly after the park was built, the driving force (and chief fundraiser) behind the track moved out of the area and no-one else stepped up to the plate to keep working on it. Since it was not a high priority for the Park Board at the time, coupled with declining interest in the track, when the contract expired three or 4 years later, the on-site trailer was removed and the park abandoned. The current board is interested in suggestions on what to do with the property but I believe there are minimal funds, if any, available from the Park District to implement any ideas.


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