Thursday, June 26, 2008

Preservation Committee

As was pointed out in comments, the Historic Preservation Commission doesn't have the authority to authorize demolition of buildings, Rather it advises the City Council on ordinances and reviews applications for alterations and demolitions. If you're intersted, there are still two openings on the commission:

Historic Preservation Commission

The duties of the Preservation Commission are to investigate, hold public hearings and recommend to the City Council the adoption of ordinances designating certain properties, improvements and areas having special historic, architectural or community value as historic districts, landmarks and neighborhood preservation districts. Other duties are to review applications for alteration, construction, and demolitions affecting property(ies) formally under consideration for designation or designated historic districts, landmarks, and neighborhood preservation districts.

Members of the Preservation Commission are:

Evelyn Koine (Chair)

Mary McGuire (Vice Chair)

Shirley D. Booker

Kevin P. Clark

Dorothy Ittner

Helen Deniston

Ed VanAwken



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